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Thu, Oct 05, 17
nat kelley

Real Woman - Nat Kelley

Nat and I formed a cherished friendship a few years ago, our connection was sincere as we both believed in the importance of a like minded philosophy and way of life.

I introduced Nat to my label and how i was working with artisans and educating consumers that purchasing limited edition and non mass produced pieces is not only beneficial to our mother earth, but the hands making the clothing are literally weaving energy, tender and slow paced, remaining special and unique. 

So we created a film and body of photography work for All That Remains, on a private community i had found, with a hand crafted dome home, it was before the storm of social media and felt so special to have made something together in the truest of human connections.

Fast forward to now and I  was so grateful to share some more time with Nat when she was back home in Australia, we met in a place close my heart at Fingal heads and talked about our journeys, life and love and I was able to meet her mother, grandmother and uncle from Peru.

Nat kindly held a tea ceremony for a few loved ones in my tree house, gifting me with a practice she intwines into her daily life, it was a perfect rainy sunday afternoon.

Film by - Phil Licciardo

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